Phi Lambda Rho originated as the club Flor de Aztlan at California State University, Stanislaus in Turlock, California. In 1993, the only existences of any Greek Organizations on campus were three fraternities. Phi Lambda Rho would later become the first Chicana/ Latina sorority on the CSU Stanislaus campus.


In the beginning, Flor de Aztlan was established as a support group for women pursuing higher education. After some time, the initial members decided to take the organization to a different level and transform the club into a sorority. This would allow the organization to have more recognition on campus and, also, to limit the membership with an intense selection process. Members divided into committees and researched various sororities but only found that every sorority they came across lacked their ideals and goals. It was then that the group decided that they had no other choice but to establish one of their own.


Phi Lambda Rho, which reads Flor in Greek, was adopted as the official name of the organization. It would take nine months of concentrated research and proficient preparation to transform Flor de Aztlan into Phi Lambda Rho.


On November 13, 1993, Phi Lambda Rho was established and became the first sorority at the CSU Stanislaus Campus.

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